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        65RMB | Via Ferrata Rock Climbing May.25th

        作者:CETtrip北京 / 公众号:CultureExchangeTrip 发布时间:2019-05-19

        May.1st-Aug.25th Tibet | 4 Days to 10 Days Confirmed Tour List
        Jun.7th-9th Inner Mongolia | Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour
        Jun.6th-9th Guilin | 4 Days Classic Li River+Yangshuo+Longji Tour
        Jun.7th-10th Shanghai | Magic Disneyland+West Lake and Wuzhen
        Jun.6th-10th Anhui | 5-Day Best HuangShan+HongCun+Xidi Tour
        Jun.6th-11th Zhangjiajie | Ultimate Adventure Discovery Tour
        Jun.6th-11th Xiamen | Gulangyu Island+Fujian Tulou In-Depth Tour
        Jun.6th-11th Dunhuan | 6 Days Hexi Corridor+Mogao Caves Tour
        Jun.6th-11th Guizhou | Minority Culture+Blue Nature Tour
        Jun.6th-9th Changdao | Explore Bohai Fairyland
        Jun.6th-9th Yichang | Three Gorges Dam Project and Tribe Tour
        Jun.6th-9th Xi'an | 4-Day History+Mystery Exploration Tour
        Jun.6th-9th Luoyang | Longmen Grottoes+Shaolin Temple Tour
        Jun.6th-10th Enshi | Enjoy Blue River and Green Mounts
        Jun.7th-8th Datong | YunGang Grottoe+Hanging Temple
        Jun.8th-9th Yuetuo Island | Lover's Trip: Maldives in China
        Upcoming Deep Tour
        May.24th-26th Inner Mongolia | Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour
        May.23th-26th Confirmed Chengdu By Flight | Leshan+Emei+Panda
        May.24th-27th Luoyang | Longmen Grottoes+Shaolin Temple Tour
        Discount Show for Weekends
        Every Sat. Discount | Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
        Every Day Discount | China National Acrobatic Troupe
        Every Sat. Discount | Golden Mask Show
        Every Sat Discount | Legend of KungFu in Red Theater
        Every Sat Discount | The Pacific Underwater World
        Click the links to Get the details!
        Via Ferrata Rock Climbing
        Activityplace:Fangshan district , Beijing
        Activitydate:2019 Every Sat.
        20th trip: Jun.1st
        21th trip: Jun.6th
        22th trip: Jun.8th
        23th trip: Jun.15th
        Scan our booking QR code to get more dates!
        Meetingpoint1:Huixinxijie Nankou subway station, Exit B
        Meeting time:07:00am
        Leaving time:07:05(nowaiting)
        Meetingpoint2:South Gate of BLCU
        Leaving time:07:30(nowaiting)
        Meetingpoint3:Weigongcun subway station, Exit D
        Traffictools:Travelling Bus
        Trip Fee:RoundBus+CETGuide
        Participants:Min 10, Max 50 (if less than 10 participants, this trip will be cancelled)
        Statement:No changing to other CETtrips or refund within 24 hours of departure.
        The trip fee doesn't include the entrance fee (Intermediate line is 180RMB, No student discounted price)
        Please take enough water and food for lunch.
        All the prices above are from the official website, it might be fluctuating.
        Book Your Tickets Online
        Press this QR Code and Extract it to book your seat.
        How to Rigister online
        After you finish payment, add our coustmer service wechat to join in the wechat group
        Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration TourClick the pic get the details about the trip
        Trip Schedule
        08:00SetofftoScenic Spot
        No stop during the ride, please drink less water on the bus, it is hard to find a toilet on the way, before you get on our bus, go to the toilet firstly.
        10:00ArriveScenic Spot
        After we arrive at the gate, our trip leader buy the tickets for us.During the waiting time,Go to the toilet, andhave a group pic before we get inside.
        After we get inside, our trip leader will arrange the equirments to you and introduce how to do it to you, please listen carefully and take care of yoursllf.
        Honestly, if you happen to have a fear of heights, Via Ferrata is probably your best option to try and conquer your fear. Just like stepping up, down and across a ladder, this climbing sport gives participants all the perks of rock climbing without the actual physical strength and endurance that outdoor rock climbing generally requires.
        The photos may look intimidating, but it’s perfectly safe and it’s an incredible experience. The combination of the adrenaline rush and thrill you get from climbing great heights and the unbelievable natural beauty you are completely surrounded by makes via ferrata an unparalleled outdoor sport.
        Each time I get out there, I can’t help but think how incredible it is that the Prisme French team installed all the hooks, pegs, ropes and iron rungs in these great mountains. They thoughtfully used the natural slopes of the rocks to complement their routes and the suspended ropes were as exhilarating as they are nerve-racking.